With over 17 years' of experience across Phases I, II and III, we deliver efficient quality oriented data management, statistical analysis and monitoring services.

Data Management

🟠 Full DM service with setup in 3 weeks
🟠 Medidata Rave partner, VieDoc, Castore
🟠 CRF setup within 2 weeks
🟠 Specialised in adaptive trials
🟠 Efficient EDC Migration in under a week
🟠 DB Lock in 3-4 weeks


🟠 CDISC regulatory submission package
🟠 Expert ECG analysis – TQT waiver
🟠 PK/PD modelling / analysis
🟠 Protocol & statistical consultancy
🟠 Data Visualisation for medical oversight

Monitoring Service

🟠 Expertise in Phase I, II, III
🟠 FIH, HV, Patient and Japanese bridging studies
🟠 Cost-efficiencies for full service trials 
🟠 Certified CRAs
🟠 Eligibility SDV prior to randomisation

DATA science since 2006

Introducing Richmond Data Science, evolved from Richmond Pharmacology, bringing over 17 years of experience to revolutionise Phase I-III clinical trials.

We deliver quality oriented data management, statistical analysis, and monitoring services tailored to our client's needs and efficiently upholding the highest clinical trial standards.

Efficiently upholding the highest clinical trial standards

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