Interpretation of clinical data via data visualisation for quick decision making and medical oversight

CDISC Package: Our expert statisticians prepare CDISC-compliant regulatory submission packages, ensuring adherence to industry standards.

ECG Analysis - TQT Waiver: We provide expert electrocardiogram (ECG) analysis, ensuring thorough evaluation of cardiac safety endpoints including the evaluation of TQT (Thorough QT) studies for regulatory waivers.

PK/PD Modelling
: Our specialised team offers PK/PD analysis and modelling, providing valuable insights into drug pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics for assessment of drug efficacy and safety profiles.

TFLS Double Programming: We employ rigorous quality measures, including double programming of Tables, Figures, and Listings (TFLs), ensuring accuracy and reliability of statistical output.

Data Visualisation: We present study data in impactful and intuitive visual formats, enabling clear communication and data driven decision making.

Efficiently upholding the highest clinical trial standards

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